TROFELIA Promoting Food was established in Thessaloniki in 2013.
The name Trofelia was derived from Greek words Trophe (food, nourishment) and Ofeleia (benefit) as an accurate representation of an excellent combination.
Food as a necessary and beneficial element for the body, and Benefit as the enjoyment through all the senses.



The founders of TROFELIA Promoting Food started to deal with food sector due to their love and passion for good and quality food. In this frame, they turned their “hobby” to business. To their philosophy, people eat together, share food, sit around a table and communicate. They strengthen their bonds and their social relationships. Food was always a symbol of love and care and reflects a sense of satisfaction. Besides, Greek cuisine, rich in authentic flavors, herbs and aromas, represents an age-old cultural unity. Greek gastronomy has recorded a history of around 4,000 years, with especial characteristics based on pure and unique quality goods produced on Greek land.

At the same time, two more reasons contributed to the foundation of TROFELIA Promoting Food. The first concerns the new trends for high nutritional value foods and new flavors in the context of the gastronomic tourism. Eating, after all, is part of peoples’ culture and not just a biological need. Today, more than ever, modern travelers seek to learn the daily cultural habits of the countries they visit, how the inhabitants live, how they prepare their food. Traditional dishes and recipes, local cuisines, table manners and even decoration or other diner’s behavior, determine the cultural identity of each place.

The second reason is that the economic crisis has changed aspects of consumerism in our country, leading people to more family gatherings, as it used to be, when family and friends were entertaining around a table with a variety of homemade delicacies, wine and traditional cooking.



In the frame of company’s further development and in view of the most efficient and direct customer service, TROFELIA Promoting Food invested in modern logistic facilities exclusively for foodstuffs in the industrial area of Kalochori, Thessaloniki.

TROFELIA Promoting Food has a fleet of own commercial vehicles and skilled drivers for the fastest distribution of its products daily, in order to deliver quality merchandise on time.

The Company has offices in the city center and employs experience staff.


The company undertakes as a connecting link the representation, sale and distribution of high quality food products and ready -made foodstuffs for select Greek and foreign producers, meeting each time the high demands and requirements of its customers in regards to their organization and supply.

TROFELIA Promoting Food contributes to the development and promotion of Greek & Mediterranean cuisine. The company collaborates and exchanges ideas and views with renowned Greek executive chefs and cooks. In this context it organizes training seminars in Greece and Europe with the participation with both chefs and other associates, in an effort to get to know the suppliers and their products, the production processes and the culinary culture of each region. At the same time, there are also various food tasting seminars intended to familiarize participants with new products and techniques for their utilization.

Today the company is building a strong portfolio of high-end Greek and European gastronomy products and it is always in search of new quality foods, while also promoting gastronomy as the art of pleasure. TROFELIA Promoting Food supports Greek products but also follows the gastronomic trends, thinking and acting globally.

*Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between culture and food. Etymologically, the word “gastronomy” derives from ancient Greek gastros “stomach”, and nomia “knowledge” or “law”. Greek cuisine is characterised by good quality fresh ingredients, herbs and spices, exceptional olive oil and pure simplicity.