Each cheese platter is a fascinating and delicious experience. A good platter that respects the crescendo of flavors by serving goat’s cheeses; soft ripened cheeses; hard and semi-soft cheeses; soft ripened washed-rind cheeses; blue cheeses. High quality handmade traditional PDO cheeses (Protected Designation of Origin) with unique inherent natural and human factors, flavor combinations with herbs and spices, perfect mixtures of savory and sweet with a twist of fruits, truffles, and even honey.

Heidi,by Johanna Spyri (1880)

“…they went down the ladder and in a short while Heidi
was drinking goat’s milk and eating bread and golden toasted cheese,
as happy and contented as anyone could be…

  • Lodigrana black Bella Lodi

    37 Kg//half round

  • Lodigrana Riserva Oro Bella Lodi

    36 Kg round

  • Lodigrana Bella Lodi 1/8

    4 Kg // 200g

  • Grated Lodigrana Bella Lodi

    5 Kg // 1 Kg // 80g

  • Tomme sheep milk Petit Agour


  • Tomme sheep milk Petit Agour with espelette


  • Secret de Compostelle sheep milk hard cheese

    4,5 Kg

  • Ossau-Iraty P.D.O Agour

    2,5 Kg

  • Clotted Cream Rodda’s

    907g FROZEN

  • Cypriot Halloumi

    1 Kg BLOCK

  • Cypriot Halloumi cheese


  • Cow milk butter from Germany


  • Danish Blue cheese

    3 Kg round

  • Edam / Cheddar / Mozzarella / Emmental


  • Cream cheese

    3 Kg

  • Smoked Gouda

    3 Kg

  • Grated hard cheese

    1 Kg

  • Gouda

    BLOCK 15 Kg // 3 Kg // slices 500 Kg