In ancient Greece, milk was considered as a sacred food and according to Greek mythology, the art of cheese-making was a gift given to mortals by the Gods of Olympus. Cheese played a role, not only as a staple, but also as a luxury item in ancient Greek gastronomy. From the steep slopes of the Cretan land to the upper Thracian plains, Greek cheese is considered to be the main product of milk processing and utilization, which has provided one of the most important foodstuffs in human nutritional history, offering a multitude of high value products. Cheese that brings out new flavors creates new recipes and becomes a delightful pleasure on grill, with salad or accompanied by Raki or Ouzo.

…In ancient Greece, the earliest records of cheesemaking can be found
in Homer‘s ‘Odyssey’ where the Cyclops Polyphemus was the first to prepare
feta’s ancestor.  
According to the myth, he used to transport the milk from his sheep in skin bags
made of animal stomachs,
when one day, he realized to his great surprise that the milk had curdled
and taken solid form – and actually tasted good…”

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