Olive trees are the symbol of peace, wisdom, fertility, prosperity, victory. In Greece it has been praised for centuries. This tree loves the sea and the Mediterranean sun, grows even on arid and rocky soils and survives under drought conditions and strong winds. It has left its imprint in every aspect of our cultural tradition.Philosophers grew up in their roots and travelers rest under their branches. From these roots we are yielding the most precious commodity in the Mediterranean. Olives and extra virgin olive oil. An oil that has been praised internationally for its high nutritional value, its incomparable flavor and aroma.

“..In the Greek tradition, when a child is born, an olive tree is planted.
The olive tree and the child will grow up together and when the child will become 6 years old,
the olive tree will give its first fruit.
It will grow with the family, survive through decades,
and will still be there for all the coming generations to always remind us
the continuity and the evolution of life…”

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crete Gourmet Tin//Pet


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil ladi’ Pet


  • Virgin Olive Oil ladi’ Pet


  • Virgin Olive Oil Crete Gourmet Pet


  • BIO EVO enriched with extracts of Aromatic Plants, Fruits & Vegetables