Deli meats are dominant food for Greek households. It’s the perfect appetizer for breakfast toast, for fresh baked bread, they match perfectly with mustard, ketchup, beer or wine. Greece is known for its sausages where there is a full range that covers any flavor and demand. Smoked or boiled, chopped or not, deli meats are not just a different approach to meat. Their traditional and authentic recipes from the East left their own mark to our food culture making each bite a delightful recall of an authentic memory which was never lost.

“…Sausages come up numerous times in Greek history.
Fifth century literature refers to salami.
It is thought to have originated from a small city called Salamis on the east coast of Cyprus.
Cured and dried sausages would have been
an essential way of preserving meat without the luxury of refrigeration.
The sausage was seen as a gourmet food and was always served to important guests…”

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