Our vision is for TROFELIA Promoting Food to become the top supplier of Greek traditional products from every part of Greece and a global ambassador for the Mediterranean diet.






We combine high quality food with health benefits. We choose to cooperate with the best producers of Greek and European food products, which are distinguished for their nutritional value.

From Thessaloniki and the heart of Macedonia, we distribute selected food brands throughout Greece. Our mission is to contribute to the promotion of Greek cuisine and Greek traditional products, as a dominant element of our cultural and culinary identity and as valuable asset in Greece’s tourism portfolio.

We provide delicious and nutritious options for those who wish to boost their health by eating healthfully. We work with renowned chefs from Greece and abroad, exchanging experience, know -how and contemporary aspects to develop Greek gastronomy. The selection of each product is based on rigorous quality criteria and thorough market research in order to introduce new tasting trends.

Our product range contains tastes and flavors from different regions of the Mediterranean, to highlight the uniqueness of each place. Throughout a wide network of associates and partners along with our distribution structure we focus on serving our clients’ needs and expectations, building relationships of trust.


“…I have loved the Mediterranean with passion…

it starts in the North with the appearance of the first olive trees and ends in the South with the appearance of the first palm trees..

Its life is linked to the land, its sailors may turn peasant with the seasons; It is the sea of vineyards and olive trees…”

                                          F.Braudel, The Mediterranean