Why make TROFELIA your supplier?

We respect our clients and take pains to understand and assess their real needs. We do not confine ourselves to merely carrying out the duties of transporter or supplier of products – collaboration with TROFELIA means real communication.

Your needs are our opportunity to improve our performance and strive for greater success. We listen to the client, study the messages we receive and do our best to respond to his wishes.

There is one common denominator across the whole range of products represented by TROFELIA. Quality! Our products are chosen using strict quality criteria, and following the most thorough market research. Our intention is always to preserve the optimal relationship between quality and price.

In our efforts to seek out products of exceptional quality, apart from well-known, traditional Greek products, we also endeavour to find more specialized products, made by smaller, local producers, from all parts of Greece, which we feel deserve greater public recognition and will respond to new trends in consumer taste.

Every day we also carry out smaller orders, laying emphasis on the needs and capacity of each individual client. For TROFELIA, all clients have value, we don’t see them just as a cost.

We offer our services to all forms of catering establishment (restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens, reception venues, etc.), to sales points (mini markets, delis, shopping centres, corner shops, and so on) as well as tourist establishments of all kinds.

We select associates on the basis of their quality, professionalism and distinctive characteristics – in other words, for exactly the same reasons that our clients look to TROFELIA as a strategic partner.